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Si Boni

Monday, 5 May 2014


Today I'm going to share to all of you especially to Alpha student who do public speaking this week and a bit of tips that can help throughout your speech. Firstly, you need to know what is Public Speaking. Public speaking is the process and act of speaking or giving a lecture to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain a listening audience. Public speaking is commonly understood as face-to-face speaking between individuals and an audience for the purpose of communication. It is closely allied to "presenting", although the latter is more often associated with commercial activity. Most of the time, public speaking is to persuade the audience. To give a good presentation you can follow my tips or either you can use your own ways to present.


1. Quote

Begin your speech with a quote that is relevant to your topiv and potrays the summary of your speech

2. Introduction

Your introduction should contain :
i. Greetings : Say hello, introduce yourself, let the audience know you are about to begin
ii. Attention Getter : Ask metorical question, use suspense, do something physical, or tell a joke.(leads into your topic)
iii. State your topic : Tell the audience the topic and purpose of your speech. Use clear and concise wording, and give your audience  reason to be interested and willing to listen to your speech.

3. Speech Body

Divide your story into 3 to 5 main parts, so that your ideas are neatly structured and are comprehendible.

4. Conclusion

In concluding your speech, consider using this tips :
i. Tip Off  : Let the audiences know that your speech will be ending soon. You may change the pace and tone                 of your voice, or you can use phrases like " before i conclude, let me summarise my main points".

ii. Summary : Summarise and restate your points, using the simplest and shortest sentences

iii. Clincher : Leave the audience with something important that they will remember on your speech. Explain
                   the moral or the lesson learned from the experience or person in your story. Be brief, don't be

5. How to Give a good public speech?

i. Look around at the audience - mantain good eye contact with your audience. Make them feel you are
  personally telling your story to them
ii. Set the scene - describe places, use facial expressions and physical movements
iii. Use pauses to highlight interest, particularly before the punchline, the final part of the story.
iv. Include conversation and report direct speech - the actual words spoken.
v. DON'T use notes - just prepare one small palmcard as your concession to panic.
vi. DON'T apologise for any mistakes that you do in any part of your speech


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